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What to do at the Shoalhaven Zoo on the banks of the Shoalhaven River

August 10, 2019

During our Cruises that head Upriver, we Cruise past the Shoalhaven Zoo and get to see some of the animals out being themselves.

The Shoalhaven Zoo was originally known as the Nowra Animal Park and was first opened in 1971.  It began exclusively as a native animal park.

In 2003 the Shilko Family purchased the animal park.  They have been working hard to tidy up the park and expand the range of critters for visitors to experience.  If you visit the Shoalhaven Zoo there are more than 100 species of animals, reptiles and birds to see such as kangaroos, koalas, wombats, monkeys, meerkats, native and exotic birds and reptiles as well as white lions.

There is a Crocodile display with two large Salties (Saltwater Crocodiles) who have been named after the previous owners of the Zoo, John and Dawn.  You can also observe one of the handlers’ hand feeding the crocodiles during regular displays that are held.

The young and young at heart can have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the animals in the Farmyard Section of the Zoo.  You can hand feed the animals around this display and even hold some of the smaller animals inside the big barn.

One of the big attractions at the Shoalhaven Zoo is the Lion Exhibit. In this area you will find 4 White Lions who are all siblings from the same litter. These 2 x males and 2 x females were acquired from a Zoo in Tasmania.  Recently the Shoalhaven Zoo also acquired 2 young male lions from South Africa and when these two are grown there are plans to breed them with the white lion females and start a breeding program.  We are looking forward to seeing some young baby white lions running around.

A very interesting and educational display that is a must see is the wombat enclosure.  You can venture underground to see what a wombat burrow looks like.  And then there is the Kangaroo enclosure.  This enclosure has you walking through large rocks that form the backdrop of the zoo.  These are both very well designed and impressive to see.

But wait, there’s more.  Lots more to see.  The Shoalhaven Zoo is the largest on the South Coast and is a definite addition on your ‘What to do in the Shoalhaven’ list. You will enjoy a few hours interacting with some very cool animals. And don’t forget to pop into the Macaw’s nest for something yummy to eat and drink

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