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Winter on the Shoalhaven River

June 1, 2019

Historically, winters for Shoalhaven River Cruise have meant a ‘shut down period’ of up to 3 months due to the cold weather.  Since taking over Shoalhaven River Cruise we have found that the winter months are usually some of the best on the Shoalhaven River.  The scenery is gorgeous, the traffic on the river is at a minimal and the winds, which can be stronger from August to October, are still nice and calm.  The autumn colours are only just starting to fade so make for awesome photo opportunities.

We have plans to operate throughout some of the Winter months and offer our passengers an option to get out and about and explore what the Shoalhaven Region has to offer.

We will still have a ‘shut down period’ but only for approximately 4 weeks to allow us to conduct our annual servicing, cleaning and maintenance on the Shoalhaven Explorer and also to take a well-earned break ourselves.

During this time, bookings and enquiries can still be made via our website, facebook or Instagram pages, although there may be some delays in our responses so we would really appreciate your patience.

We will be coming back refreshed and ready for a busy lead up to Christmas and the summer tourist period.

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