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Sharks or No Sharks?

April 30, 2019

We often get asked during our Cruises, if there are any sharks in the Shoalhaven River.  Now Norm our skipper tells everyone he has never seen any sharks in the whole time he has been Cruisin’ the Shoalhaven River, which has been since 1996. But we have been Cruisin’ the river for almost 18 months now and we have seen a few already.  There was a 1.5m bull shark circling around the Nowra Public Wharf enjoying the many yummy treats on offer amongst the pylons.  And then Tim has seen a couple more, similar sized sharks, swimming around the Nowra bridge and Public Wharf areas.

We decided to research shark sighting in the Shoalhaven River and have read several reported cases of sharks, mainly bull sharks, being spotted as far upriver as the Shoalhaven Zoo and Shoalhaven Ski Park.  It has been said that the number of sighting has dropped off in the past couple of decades. But a shark sighting is a shark sighting which means no swimming in the Shoalhaven River for me 😊.

We also found out that when pregnant, female Bull Shark has been known to head upriver in salt water until they reach fresh water to have their babies. This occurs because the males are cannibalistic and will eat the babies but usually won’t follow the females into fresh water.  That’s an awesome survival mechanism from the female sharks.

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