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The old Nowra Sailing Club

January 6, 2019

There is an area alongside the Nowra Public Wharf that used to house an historic building which was utilised by the Nowra Sailing Club from 1964 until it was destroyed by fire on 21 June 2017.

But this building has an interesting history spanning more than 100 years.

It was originally built for use by the Illawarra Steamship Navigation Company in the 1880’s. It was used as a storehouse for goods that were being transported between Nowra and Sydney, including farm produce and food.  Between the 1880’s and 1903 these goods were transported by land between Nowra and Greenwell Point and then by steamer to and from Sydney.  In 1903 the river was blasted to secure a safe navigation passage for these Steamers all the way upriver to Nowra.

As the roads and rail links between Sydney and Nowra improved the need for transportation by water declined. This saw the wharf and associated storage facilities beside the Shoalhaven River sitting empty and by the mid 1940’s the Nowra Fishing Coop took over the premises and started trading.

In 1964 an application to lease the building and the Wharf was submitted and approved which saw the Nowra Sailing Club established at this facility.

The building itself had survived two World Wars and many floods but unfortunately a timber building will have trouble surviving a fire.

The area remains a ruin today, more than 12 months later, and a bit of an eye sore but we have been advised that plans are in place to replace the old building with a new and improved undercover BBQ area to be used by the Public.  The pylons that supported the original building for more than 100 years will remain as they are heritage listed.

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