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Shoalhaven River Rock Orchids

September 17, 2018

Spring is in the Air

Spring has Sprung on the Shoalhaven River with some amazing flowers blooming along the banks. We’ve also seen an increase in the wildlife, especially birds, that are currently spending time on or near the river. It’s a great time to be Cruisin’ along enjoying the scenery.

The best part of Spring is getting to see the Rock Orchids, in all their glory, along the gorgeous sandstone rockwalls.  The rocks are beautiful enough on their own with their colours and structures. To be able to see the Orchids dotted along the wall face really does add to the beauty.
The Rock Orchids are Dendrobium speciosum.  The Orchids can grow on rocks and are called lithophyte and they also grow on another living plant, although they are not parasitic in nature, and these are referred to as an epiphyte. There are many different species of the Rock Orchid throughout Australia and the Pacific but the version that I have seen right here on the Shoalhaven River, is a cream to yellow colour. This helps them really stand out against the rockwalls.

Enjoying Father’s Day on the Shoalhaven River

We spent a beautifully warm Father’s Day enjoying quality time with family and friends and getting up as close as possible to take some amazing photos of the Rock Orchids.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a super dooper DSLR Camera so had to rely on my trusty old Samsung Mobile Phone. I was pretty happy with the results though 😊

It’s a shame that they only bloom for a few weeks but that’s alright because we still get to enjoy the rest of the scenery as we spend some time relaxing and enjoying a Shoalhaven River Cruise.

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